A New Theme – Finally!

notweb404It’s been a looong time coming. Let’s face it, the default WordPress themes are pretty cool, but when everyone has one… Meh, not so much. And if you’re a webmaster, especially a notorious one, you kind of owe it to the world to show off your chops.

So after a longer gestation period than I care to admit to, here are the fruits of my occasional and intermittent labours.

Things to look out for:

  • The menu sticks to the top of the window.
  • The portrait scrolls over the menu, and the content scrolls under.
  • The favicon uses the portrait and colour scheme.
  • The 404 (aka Page Not Found) has an original haiku.
  • The comments style is pretty cool. (Leave a comment to check it out.)
  • The hover link styles in the footer are two-toned.

Is it completely finished? Pfft! Please! I’ll be tweaking this thing forever. But it would never see the light of day if I waited for it to be perfect. Rule of thumb for web developers: launch the ghetto version; polish as time permits. This also allows for user feedback to help direct where the polishing efforts should go. (This is a lesson that I keep re-learning.)

Let me know what you think.

(NB: Also have a plugin in the works with a custom post type for letters of reference. Keep an eye out for it in the next 3-6 years.)

I’d like to thank Ed Caissie, organizer of the WordPress GTA meetup for his support and mentorship. Ed and his work are an inspiration to the WordPress community in Toronto and beyond.

6 thoughts on “A New Theme – Finally!

  1. …btw: the sidebar doesn’t appear until after the comments section, so from the first glance at the page, there is no search or sidebar on the right. Just lots of checkerboard. I didn’t see it until I scrolled down past the comments section.

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