Pain Management: Lessons Learned

It started innocently enough: for a few days running I was waking up with a slight pain in my lower back. It would dissipate as I was getting ready for work, and I would think “I really need to get to a Yoga class, or something.” And then off to work I’d go.

But Thursday it didn’t dissipate. In fact, it got so intense I started gagging with the dry heaves.

OK, couldn’t go to work. I know: I’ll work from home.

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“Blast! I lost my job. Now what?”

My friend Hugh was recently let go from his job supporting IBM Java, WebSphere and DB2 technology. He’s looking at this as an opportunity to reorient his career, and turned to me to help him get familiar with the latest social media trends. It occurred to me that others may be interested in heading in that direction; so here’s what I told him. Continue reading