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Over the past few years I’ve been nursing a burgeoning obsession with JavaScript and jQuery. It’s a handy tool to have in your back pocket when it comes time to do seriously awesome things with your web pages.

I was lucky enough to have been selected as a presenter for the True North PHP conference in Mississauga, in November. But the organizers, Peter Meth and Chris Hartjes, needed someone to present at the user group meeting in October. So with barely 10 days to prepare, I signed up to give my conference presentation at the October meeting. I missed WordCamp Toronto, Nuit Blanche and The Tragically Hip, in my scramble to have the talk ready in time. I also took a couple of days off work. But I think it was worth it. The talk was very well received, and I got some terrific feedback.

Here’s the presentation slides and demos. You’ll need to set it up in a LAMP stack for the last demo: AJAX. Also, for the demos, you’ll need to look at the code and the console. I’ll put up the updated version in November. The demos will probably be a little better. In the meantime, let me know what you think.

JavaScript for PHP Developers – Slides and Demos (2.5MB)

UPDATE, 2012-11-02: Made a few tweaks based on feedback and timing. Removed some of the JavaScript types slides, and added animation slide. Planning on adding more advanced JavaScript content, based on further feedback. Probably OOP stuff.

In the meantime, here are the slides from the True North PHP Conference presentation:

JavaScript for PHP Developers – Slides and Demos (2.5MB)

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