Sandbox: Running WordPress on Your Local Machine

This weekend was the fourth Toronto WordCamp (WordPress conference), the second I’ve attended, and the first where I’ve presented.

It was, in fact, more of a workshop, than a presentation; although I did have a slidedeck and gave a little talk. The whole thing brought me back to my high school days, when I worked weekends at the École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC Montréal) as a TA. Students would learn the rudiments of BASIC over the weekend, and I helped them along. Pretty heady stuff for a high school student.

The workshop was about installing XAMPP on your local machine, whether PC or Mac, then installing WordPress on that, so you could test and learn on your own machine, privately, without the need for a remote server, or even being connected to the Internet.

I promised attendees they’d be able to access the deck online, so here it is:

I’ve also got some pix up on flickr:

The speakers’ dinner.

Day 1.

And day 2. (Although day 2 are only pix of me, as I didn’t attend other sessions. My session pretty much did me in.)

On the other hand, after I left the conference, I went to check out Occupy Toronto and got some cool pix.

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