Firefox 8: What the Blinking Cursor!?

Firefox 8 dropped a few days ago. Huzzah! But now I’m seeing a blinking cursor where ever I click: on buttons, in text… everywhere. So how to fix this annoyance?

It turns out there’s a feature called caret browsing, originally developed for debugging, which allows users to navigate the web page with a blinking cursor (the caret) using only the keyboard. The feature was kept for accessibility purposes, and somehow it gets turned on, perhaps by mistake, when new versions of the software are installed.

Not a big deal. Press F7 and it goes away. Press F7 again, and Firefox asks you if you want to turn it back on.

9 thoughts on “Firefox 8: What the Blinking Cursor!?

  1. I’ve got this problem this morning, tried the F7 “caret browsing”, nothing changed. Tried to reinstall Flash as it was the latest program updated, still didin’t change anything, need help!

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