In Denver – For DrupalCon 2012

So Myplanet Digital, my new employers as of Nov 2011, have sent me, and a small platoon of Myplaneteers, to Denver, the mile high city, for DrupalCon 2012. This is my first DrupalCon; but hopefully not my last.

I’ve been spending a lot of time over the past few days poring over the 3 day schedule, trying to decide what sessions I want to attend.

First impressions of DrupalCon

Well, the website is very good. They list everything you could possibly hope to find about the sessions. PLUS: you can even put the sessions in your “shopping cart” to construct your own schedule. Then you can view your own schedule. Unfortunately, they don’t have a Print Schedule view. But hey, Denver wasn’t built in a day.

I had breakfast with our BizDev in Chief, Dustin Walper. I was busy telling him about my attempts at losing weight and getting into shape (Dustin is something of a Greek god), when he jumps out of his seat and says he’ll be right back. After about 10 minutes it became evident he *wasn’t* going to be right back. So I paid the cheque, and went exploring the lobby in search of Dustin. I found him with a bunch of Acquia folk, including (gasp) Dries Buytaert.

OK, I’ll admit it, I was a little star-struck. In my defense, I’ve been working my hind-most parts off for the past 5 months trying to get my head around Drupal. And here was the guy who started it all. In his dorm room. A whole industry. (Did I mention there were going to be 3000 attendees at DrupalCon this year?)

So I had the temerity to ask for a picture. Dries was very accommodating, and even suggested we take a few. A real mensch.


Also, today, I decided to show my commitment to Drupal:


More to come.

Alfred’s Notes: Drupal

I’ve started studying Drupal, the open source content management system (CMS). I’ll use this page to gather interesting links to documentation and articles on the subject. Who knows? I may even sort and organize them some day.

Ajax in Drupal using jQuery

Introduction to AHAH Forms in Drupal (handbook)

Creating Drupal style tables

AHAH in Drupal: may it one day live up to its acronym

Using default views in your module
Where to put your exported Views in code, direct from Earl Miles, aka merlinofchaos, author of Views, among other essential parts of Drupal.

Describing tables to Views
To someone who already knows SQL, and is very comfortable with it, Views is like trying to fiddle with very small dials while wearing large mitts of cotton batting. The main problem is Views doesn’t necessarily know the ins and outs of your data model. Here’s how to tell Views about those ins and outs. And remove at least some of the batting.