Austin, TX

My web site (www.davewilsonphotogrpahy.com) recently fell foul of an unsupported plug-in which broke on a WordPress update. Removing this plug-in and fixing the site database to allow me to swap to a commercially-supported equivalent and a new theme was outside my limited PHP and WordPress ability so, on the recommendation of a friend who works in the WordPress community, I contacted Alfred for help.

Over a period of a few weekends, he recreated my broken site on his development server, researched methods to fix the problem, prototyped solutions and finally developed the scripts necessary to update my database content and remove the offending plug-in. In addition to the work required in the original agreement, Alfred went out of his way to make other, very helpful suggestions on the site in general and specific improvements I could make for both usability and performance.

Overall, I am delighted with the work that Alfred performed for me and the level of communication and engagement throughout the project. I would heartily recommend him for any projects involving the inner workings of WordPress or development and customization of themes.

Dave Wilson