Google Chrome Coming Soon

Google ChromeGoogle is today releasing a new browser called Chrome. It’s supposed to be much faster and more robust than existing alternatives. (Yes, even better than FF. Can you believe it?) Google describes the philosophy and advantages in a 38 page comic book:

The big question is what this will mean for the current players?  I figure it’s too soon to tell.  But I’m hoping Mozilla will use the opportunity to pick up whatever they can from the GPLed Chrome, for inclusion in Firefox.

Also, I’m not sure how much I can trust Google since they’ve pulled the rug out from under my feet with their now defunct Browser Synch extension.

I Want to Get This Good at Photoshop

I’ve been using Paint Shop Pro for years.  I got pretty good at making greeting cards, but there was a limit to what I could do in terms of photo-realistic compositions.

My friend, Kristan Uccello, posted a link on Facebook to a set of tilt-shift miniatures, which I think I can pull off.  I’m also interested in learning how to do High Definition Range photos.  I’ll keep you posted.

What really got my juices flowing, though, was a link to one of the artists in that list: Glenn Karlsen from Norway has some terrific and amazing images.

I’m not sure you can do this stuff with The GIMP, which is the open source, cross-platform image manipulation program I’m currently using, but I’m going to give it a shot.  Watch this space for developments.

OLPC Redux

The new OLPC, the XO-2There is a tremendously well-researched, well-reasoned history of the OLPC, and it’s subsequent effects on the computer industry, at “Why Microsoft and Intel tried to kill the XO $100 laptop”.  A minor quibble about the article: the author didn’t mention the ASUS Eee PC, which clearly owes it’s existence to the OLPC, and then went on to spark other ultraportables such as the HP 2133 Mini-Note.

From Windows to Mac: Another Convert

Mac OS X FinderI’ve been using, playing and struggling with Windows since version 3.0.  Before that, I used pretty much every version of MS-DOS.  I’ve poured a lot of my money into Microsoft.  I’ve watched them go from enthusiastic techno geeks, to arrogant robber barons.

When Vista was announced, I vowed not to donate another dime to the mighty Microsoft marketing machine.  I was planning on going to Linux.  But when push came to shove, I didn’t want to spend days struggling with obscure arcana.  So I decided to go with an OS hailed as a paragon of ease of use: OS X. Continue reading

Lexmark X9575 Loses Out

HP Officejet Pro L7650A few weeks ago I picked up a Lexmark X9575 Wireless 4-in-1 printer, scanner, dicer, chopper, at Costco.  It’s sat in the box, unopened, since then; not because I’m a lazy sloth (I am, but that’s another post, probably written by my wife), but rather because I looked up whether it was supported in Ubuntu.  The forums say, it isn’t.  So we wouldn’t be able to print from our Ubuntu-based Toshiba laptop in the living room. Continue reading

More Firefox 3 Plugins You Didn’t Know You Couldn’t Live Without

I’ve been frustrated after the conversion to FF 3.0, looking for the search engine.  The Mozilla addons site only has the Merriam-Webster engine.  I went hunting for it on the site, and finally found the link: gives you access to the dictionary, thesaurus and reference engines. Continue reading

Pooh on the iPhone 3G

Earlier this year I dropped my Palm m505.  On a really hard surface.  At Orly.  It survived, but would no longer sync.  Clearly the Universe was sending me a message it was time to upgrade my PDA.  And, of course, that would mean re-evaluating my entire gadget strategy, including my PDA, cell phone, iPod, and camera.  And there, in front of me, was the answer, clear as day: it was time to get an iPhone.  I heard a choir of angels singing.  Oh, it was so right. Continue reading