More Firefox 3 Plugins You Didn’t Know You Couldn’t Live Without

I’ve been frustrated after the conversion to FF 3.0, looking for the search engine.  The Mozilla addons site only has the Merriam-Webster engine.  I went hunting for it on the site, and finally found the link: gives you access to the dictionary, thesaurus and reference engines.

Search engines are specialized plugins that give access to a given website, more or less instantly.  The interface for these is located just to the right of the addess bar.  The drop down on the left side of the element allows you to select the search engine to use.  Out of the box, Firefox comes with a number of search engine already installed, including Google (of course) and a bunch of others.

OK, so the title of this entry says “Plugins” so I have to mention at least one more…

PDF Download produces a dialog box with anumber of buttons whenever you click on a PDF link.  The buttons give you a number of options regarding what to do with the clicked PDF:

  • download and save it,
  • open it using the browser’s PDF reader,
  • open it in an external PDF reader,
  • convert it to HTML,
  • or cancel the operation altogether.

OK, one more.  But I have to warn you, this one will take over your life.

StumbleUpon asks you what categories you’re interested in.  Based on these, it “randomly” chooses pages that other users, with similar interests to your’s, have selected.  You will be astounded by how engaging you’ll find the content.  And you’ll be compelled to hit the StumbleUpon button one more time to see what else comes out of the magic box.

Hours will tick by.  Meals will be missed.  You have been warned.

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