Denver DrupalCon – Day 0

So, yesterday was Day 0 for the Denver DrupalCon. After meeting Dries and getting Druplicon gloriously emblazoned in my scalp, Michael Keara (That Web Advocate Guy, and my roomie while in Denver) and I made our way to the convention center across the street.

Michael Keara in front of the convention center

I was surprised by the number of booths. Our first stop, of course, was the Myplanet booth, to meet our peeps.

photo of Myplanet booth and peeps

I hung out at the booth for a bit, but conference swag was calling, and I started moseying around the conference floor. I met very nice people from many companies, many of whom gave me t-shirts and tchotchkes.

At one point I ran into Jeff Robbins, who I’ve been watching on and other Lullabot vids. So, of course, I asked to take a pic.

photo of Jeff Robbins

Along the way he saw my Druplicon, and pointed it out to a friend. So everyone in the group started taking pictures. Turns out the friend was Jay Batson, co-founder of Acquia. He was good enough to tweet the pic with a link to this blog. Thanks Jay!

On the way back to the hotel, had to take this pic of the big, inflatable Druplicon.


All (or most) of the Myplaneteers met up in the hotel lobby for a debriefing, when Angie Byron (aka WebChick) happened by, and she insisted on having her picture taken with us.

Angie Byron and the Myplaneteers

There was the obligatory photographing of the Hairy Druplicon.

obligatory photographing of the Hairy Druplicon

Which Angie was good enough to tweet. And then a pic of Angie and I.

Notorious Webmaster and WebChick

Then we all went over to the Lucky Strike Lounge and Bowling Alley (no, seriously. Only in America.) to celebrate Darko‘s birthday. Jon Peck was good enough to take about a million pictures.

Myplaneteers at play

All this high altitude work and play makes Alfred a drowsy boy. So that was it for Day 0.

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