Sitepoint Gives Away Free Book on Building Firefox Extensions

Regular readers of this blog will know I’m a huge fan of Firefox (the ultimate browser for developing web apps) and Sitepoint (a set of wonderful resources for web developers and designers).

What makes Firefox the best tool for web developers (and others)? It’s the extensions. And now, for a limited time, Sitepoint is offering a middlingly useful extension, CodeBurner for Firefox, which gives you access to their wealth of HTML and CSS reference material, right from your browser. This used to be an addon to the awesome Firebug extension, but now is stand-alone.

To celebrate the release of this new version of CodeBurner, Sitepoint are giving away a PDF book on developing Firefox extensions. This is supposed to be a limited time offer (30 days) so hurry up! (On the other hand, once you give away a PDF for free, it’s kinda hard to start charging for it.)

Sitepoint has a tremendous library of books for sale, and they’ve really hit a sweet spot in the market: I’ve purchased nearly every title they’ve ever published. Their books are well written, professionally edited and delivered in a timely fashion. Their customer service is also beyond reproach. I once complained a book had arrived slightly damaged, and received another copy a few days later. Top notch.

OK, gotta go now. I’m keen to get into developing my own FF extension!

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