Why Farmed Salmon Is a Bad Idea

I’ve been watching season 2 of Boston Legal.  In one episode, Denny takes Alan fishing in the wilds of beautiful British Columbia.  There they meet a lawyer who introduces them to the problems caused by open-net salmon farms.

In a subsequent episode, Alan, on a date in a fancy restaurant, makes a scene when offered farmed salmon.

The problem is most people don’t understand why farmed salmon is so bad.  In fact, they don’t know the difference between farmed and wild salmon.  you can be sure the salmon farming industry goes out of its way to insure people can’t tell one from the other.  Certainly no labeling will be found.

Our friends at Watershed Watch have put together an animated film which clearly explains, without preaching, the dangers of farmed salmon.  It’s a 7 minute video.  I encourage you to take the time to watch it and do your part to save wild salmon: stop buying farmed salmon.

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