Goin’ Goth

I’m enormously proud to be launching the first tweak to my WordPress theme.  Forget the blue.  We’re going black and white.

“What’s with the picture,” you ask?  Here’s a hint.  At one point I was thinking of naming this blog “Precious Bodily Fluids”.  Too cryptic?  Not to worry: I’ll be changing the header pic every week or so.  It’ll provide more hints.  In the meantime, expect further tweaks.

I’m having a terrific time learning how to bend WordPress to my will.  Still trying to wean myself from Windows, though: I have to break my addiction to Paint Shop Pro and get more familiar with The GIMP.  I’ll publish some tutes as I go along.  It would be good to have some screen capture software for the Mac.  Something like Camtasia.  Recommendations welcome.

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