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Re: Alfred Ayache. The Last Byte Inc.

To whom it may concern;

Mr Ayache has been under contract to us for over a year, providing Clipper 5 programming services, development and support work. During that time he has consistently demonstrated superior programming skills, taking numerous poorly written routines and re-writing them into excellent code.

Much of our software is object oriented using the Class(y) library. Mr Ayache has proved to have a thorough knowledge of object orientation, and was able to update existing classes as well as build new ones. He has also developed a number of Clipper applications for us. Each of these was well written, well documented and speedily produced.

Mr Ayache has also proven skilled in many third party utilities, including Class(y), Novlib, Telepathy and Blinker 3. He has implemented solid version control in all our software using the Tlib system.

He has a thorough knowledge of all aspects of Clipper programming and has been willing to learn new skills whenever necessary in order to provide us with the best possible service and advice. As well as programming, he sometimes handles support calls from our users. He has consistently exhibited diplomacy, tact and patience.

We are extremely sorry to lose Mr Ayache’s talents and look forward to engaging his services again when the opportunity affords itself.


Philip Wright
Manager, Information Technology