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Toronto, ON

I’d like to pass along a hearty recommendation for Alfred Ayache.

Alfred joined our team at Proximity as a contractor to fill a senior PHP developer role. He was assigned a very fast-moving and high-profile project right out of the gate. And we inadvertently added an extra layer of pressure by selecting a platform that Alfred had no previous experience with for our build – Expression Engine.

Alfred dove right in to the Expression Engine documentation and emerged a short time later with a genuine understanding of the platform and its basic principles. He quickly translated that theoretical knowledge into practical application and had a prototype ready for review well ahead of schedule.

As the project sped through its lifecycle, Alfred continued to impress. He handled change requests as they came in, asked questions at all the right times, and provided solid status reports. His strong fundamental skills carried him through some genuine engineering problems we encountered.

Most importantly to my mind, he worked very well with the other team members on the project. The strong working relationship he established with the project manager, the front-end developer, and the QA analyst, resulted in a very comfortable delivery of our application. I was proud to report to our client that the website we’d taken great care to flag as potentially risky was actually ready for their review ahead of schedule. They were thrilled with the results.

Alfred’s affable nature and deep fundamental skills make him a great fit for anyone looking to hire a senior PHP programmer. His commitment to the project and to our agency during his time here was refreshing. I’m happy to say he’s amongst the very best contractors that I’ve hired in my 7 years at Proximity.

Thanks for your time.

Darrin Patey
Director, Creative Technology