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To whom it may concern:

RE: Letter of reference for Alfred Ayache

Please accept this letter as an indication of my (strong) recommendation for Alfred Ayache.

Over the past year I had the pleasure to work, share feedback, and lead Alfred and checkout team in my role as a TPM. Alfred is considered a key team player in the checkout squad. His approach to problem solving has a well-defined focus on contributing to the project quality as well as scalability while proposing an approach. This includes forward thinking, discussions with product, design and fellow tech team members to ensure that the delivered solution meets engineering excellence. Within that focus, the direction of his performance is strategically linked to his character. Alfred is able to bring his patience, responsibility and dedication into the team and allow colleagues to foster a fruitful rapport on any project.

Alfred is able to communicate well with his peers on individual or group basis and assumes ownership on any task that he undertakes. He is always eager to assist team members in any capacity he can. Over the past year Alfred portrayed a strong desire to contribute to the squad and has been recognized by his peers for those efforts via multiple accolades.

During the past year Alfred continuously maintained dedication, confidence and professionalism when dealing with peers or third party vendors. Such attitude and proficiency in front end development ties well with Alfred’s desire and determination to succeed and positions him well in achieving his goals.

I unreservedly recommend Alfred for the respective applications, and wish him success in any path he undertakes.

Thank you for your consideration of this letter of recommendation for Alfred Ayache.


Steve Senderovich