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To whom it may concern:

Alfred Ayache’s services have been retained by Clearnet Inc. since October, 1996 in the role of Analogue Billing Development Administrator. I had the opportunity to work with Alfred on several projects within the Product Development group.

Alfred was involved in many different aspects of the department’s operation. Some of his projects included:

  • Development of “Usage Graph” for Clearnet’s Analogue Engineering Department. Primarily “Usage Graph” is a tool that takes raw data and converts it into a graphical overview which allows Clearnet to manage and measure the network more effectively and efficiently. “Usage Graph” has reduced the need to create manual reports as it automatically displays the information and history thereby saving time, money and increasing productivity.
  • Alfred has rewritten ABS to increase efficiency along with providing additional functionality.
  • Alfred played an integral role in the migration of Mobilair, one of Clearnet’s many acquisitions. This encompassed all aspects of the business including radio sites, radio systems and client billing. Alfred was exultant in migrating Mobilair’s clients, from their AS400 system and consolidating all Quebec operations onto one billing system in ABS.
  • Alfred, provided support in the design of “L.A.T.,” a software tool which is in a beta version and is absolutely exceptional. “L.A.T.” is a management tool which will streamline our client activation process, save Clearnet a great deal of time, recover revenue and eliminate the need for reconciliation.

I, as well as other colleagues in the department, found Alfred’s work to be exemplary. He produced a very high caliber of work and consistently exceeded expectations. He performed his responsibilities in a time-sensitive business environment, while paying great attention to detail.

Alfred is a thorough, professional worker with demonstrated initiative and enthusiasm. It has been to Clearnet’s benefit to have him as a consultant. As such, I am confident that Alfred would also bring these capabilities to anyone he works with.


John Chalmers
Manager - Analogue & Specialty Services